College Sex Story

This is a real story, but the name isn’t accurate. The details need to be disclosed regarding the person who submitted this story for her privacy concerns. So we took an imaginary character, “Pui”. Let us Begin the story now. Pui is a girl in Thailand, and this is the little story written by her and was submitted to me. She was in high school when this story happened.

My name is Pui. At that time, it was winter. I went to Phu Kradueng with my friends, and We walked up to each other. It was fun and tiring. One of my school mates a Handsome guy named Luke, was in with his male friends. I secretly like him for a long time. We walked up to the summit. It is already evening, so we made a tent to sleep with 4-5 female friends. As for “Luke”, a handsome guy, he goes to sleep on the other side with his male friends. Later the next day, in the late afternoon, we sat in a circle and started singing together. The wind was cold, talking until almost 2am. I couldn’t stand it, so I went out to sleep first. Before going to bed, I walked to the bathroom, and when I came out. I saw Luke in front of the toilet. He asked, that will I go to sleep? I nodded. I’m shy, and I didn’t think I would talk like this because it was tough to talk to him at school. There were many girls, They will crowd at him all the time, and he offered me that he would walk with me as a company to the tent, and we had a short walk to the tent. I went to sleep When I’m awake again. Now I’m in front of his tent.

So I would like to get back. I’m about to turn. But luke grabbed my wrist and said that why we couldn’t sit and talk a bit? So I sat in front of that tent. The weather was freezing. He moved closer to me and covered me with a blanket. I didn’t know what inspired me, and I’m immediately turned and kissed him. He acted a little shocked. And he kissed me and gradually Slowly slide his mouth down to my neck. I went all out. Goosebumps. Then he slowly removed my clothes one by one, slid down to lightly kiss my chest. And drag his tongue back and forth. I was so nervous and horny that I had to bend it to make him feel right. Not long after, he slid his face down, followed the body, and reached between the legs. He grasped my legs apart and began to lick them focused. Pui is tingling until I squirm. He licked like that. He was More and more frenzy. I held his head and pressed it until it was firmly pressed. But he still won’t stop licking it right there. I felt like my body was going to be broken into pieces. His tongue tumbled into my groove(my pussy). So deep that I felt like everything was shattered inside me. I was gasping for breath while he was taking off his clothes. He had a bunch of packs on his abdomen.

And his stuff is also huge. It’s tough anyway. Then he spread my legs again. My pussy groove is still wet. He brought it in. Pointed at my groove. From my eyes, I think it’s not likely to fit in at all. When he tried to push it, I felt that it was very tight. He pushed it into me slowly. This feels so good as hell. Because each time it rubs in, it makes the furrow tight as if it were torn. As soon as it got in, he began to pull it out and push it back in more quickly. The tingle spread all over my body. I want to grab something and squeeze. Or any cloth to pull it to tear it in my hand because of the tingling created from his huge cock. But I couldn’t because my hand was tied up. Can only hang it around his neck. After a while, he turned the button upside down and put it in again. He got in very deep and still pulled the beam in and out without falling speed.

I wailed loudly, and I was not embarrassed by this anymore. It’s too frightening. The cold can’t do anything to me right now because I am extremely hot. It started to tighten again. My pussy is tighter and tighter. Luke fucked me faster and faster. And then he exploded it apart. He came inside of me. I was exhausted. After that, I think he stopped bracing my waist, But no, he still didn’t stop. He grabbed me, turned over and pushed in once again. This time harder. The tingle makes me startled. He held me up and put me sitting on his lap. I put my tied hand around his neck. And began to hit the waist to make my pussy bump to his dick quickly. Then he lay down, giving me a chance to rock it fully. Finally, now I’m the leader. When he lay down, it is raised too deep to the end of my pussy. I’ve rocked the whole body, moaning with satisfaction. Before everything gets tense and explodes again. He pulled me out. His gesture is exhausted as hell like me. When I came out, I immediately grabbed his stuff and entered my mouth. I licked and sucked hungry as if it was my last water source. It was fully inflated and burst out with thick white water. Pui caught it up and sucked it. Until clean and cut all spills out into the mouth, He kissed me softly. Before I walked away.